Creating Strategic Financing Solutions.

  Borrow with Confidence and work with a Proven Professional !  
Martin Rodriguez is one of the most respected lenders in the real estate community. 

As a member of the California Association of Mortgage Brokers, Martin is a highly sought after mortgage consultant.  He spends much of his time educating and advising real estate buyers and investors on how to create financing strategies that make sense.  He hosts several seminars throughout the year and enjoys creating custom solutions for each of his clients. 

His team of professional advisors consists of CPA’s, Finanical Planners, Insurance Agents and Property Managers that are readily available to assist him in reviewing each clients needs.  Working with a team of professionals you can rest assured that all perspectives are carefully evaluated before any recommendations are given. 

Selecting a loan is more than just getting a low interest rate.  The terms of the loan, the tax implications and your cash flow are all part of the equation.  Most bank employees and mortgage brokers often fail to properly advise clients on these important issues.  Getting bad advice can cost you thousands.

On a personal note, Martin is an avid sports fan and loves a variety of different sports.  His office is decorated with pictures of 1930’s baseball memorabillia and vintage airplanes.  As a sports fan he follows professional Baseball, Nascar, Hockey and Football, but his biggest passion in life is flying airplanes.  Martin has logged nearly 3000 flight hours and is an active Commercial Pilot Flight Instructor, and he is a member of the Aircraft Owners – Pilots Association and the Experimental Aircraft Association.  He is a volunteer aviation counselor for the local spanish TV news stations and has also worked as an advisor to the LAUSD aeronautics commitee for high school students.

Martin graduated from Cal State University, Northridge with a B.S. Degree in Organizational Systems Management and spent 13 years working in management for a major airline.  His work experience includes human resource management, and strategic development of policy, procedures, and corporate branding.  Martin currently resides in Santa Clarita, CA with his wife and 10 year old daughter. 

Get a professional advisor!  Call Martin directly and discuss your Commercial and Residential Real Estate Financing needs.


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